Om race-hygiejne og IQ-forskning


Anmeldelse af Helmuth Nyborg til tidskriftet PAID for plagiat

letter-to-the-editors (PDF format). Her i HTML format.

Text of letter "Plagiarism detected in a paper published in PAID"

Appendix 1 (PDF format).

J.E. Vig. Immigranterne og deres efterkommere i Danmark - 93 års udvikling og perspektiv. Version dated 4. August 2011 (referred to as perspektiv.pdf in this letter.)

Appendix 2 (PDF format).

Comparison of two versions, dated Aug. 4, 2011 and Aug. 25, 2011 of the document perspektiv.pdf.

Appendix 3 (PDF format).

J.E. Vig, blog entry "In Germany, Britain, Austria, Norway and Denmark you do not depict the reality from the official based information when you make calculations/estimations involving ethnic descendants for research on diseases or other characters known to or expected to be descendence-related". January 9th 2011 (referred to as index-population in this letter).

Appendix 4 (PDF format).

Copy of blog entry from the web page http://informationomdanmark.blogspot.com/2010/09/danskerne-vil-bedrages.html dated Sep. 15, 2010.

Appendix 5 (PDF format).

WHOIS output for the domain lilliput-information.com.

Appendix 6 (PDF format).

Copy of blog entry dated Jan. 8, 2011 on the blog lilliput-information.blogspot.com. The blog entry has the same content as the file index-population (Appendix 3).

Appendix 7 (PDF format).

Copy of blog entry dated Jan. 9. 2011 on the blog xantippe.wordpress.com (referred to as retro-analysis in this letter)

Appendix 8 (PDF format).

Side-by-side comparison of plots from HN2011 with plots from perspektiv.pdf and a blog posting by J.E. Vig.